• Heat treatments | Hardening | Quenching and tempering | Case hardening
  • Surface treatments | Coating | Grinding | Blasting
  • Further processing | Deep-hole drilling | Honing | Welding
  • Markings | Laser | Etching foil | Engraving

For processes that we cannot do in-house, we have a competent supplier network within a short distance in our immediate vicinity. We have been working closely with these qualified and certified specialist companies for many years.

With large series parts, an automated 100% inspection on modern camera systems is carried out in-house.

For process-related quality inspections, we have fully air-conditioned measuring rooms at our disposal, which are equipped with contour graphs, profile projectors, 3D measuring machines and roughness measuring instruments, among other things.
Incoming, intermediate and final tests are standard. SPC tests and various initial sample test reports (VDA | PPAP) are individually coordinated with you.