Added value


Our ultimate goal is added value. For our employees, for our suppliers and above all for our customers. This is why we work continuously to improve every single step in the entire production process. We know that the impetus for lasting process development begins in the minds of management.

That is why we together agreed on a company philosophy in which openness, team spirit, respect, responsibility, integrity and innovation form the central principles. This is how we create scope for clear thinking and action for the benefit of all.


That’s the only way it works. We rely on satisfied customers and long-term partnerships. We give our all in this regard, including high level of supply readiness, absolute dependability in meeting delivery dates, first-class quality and reliable service.

The basis for this added value is highly motivated employees and extremely flat management structures, allowing short and unbureaucratic decision-making paths for the individual business units with sufficient room for manoeuvre for optimal customer care.


The machining technology market is large and complex. As specialists, we are ready to serve our customers optimally.

With modern communication technology, high flexibility, fast production times and guaranteed reliability. And with on-site service if requested.


We understand optimal customer service to also mean targeted technical advice that helps you to save unnecessary costs. On request, we will provide an authoritative cost analysis during the construction phase.

Our experience shows that the design phase can have a major impact on production times. That is why we are happy to advise our customers right from the start of the development phase.